William C. Bradford, DO, FACOOG (Dist)

Known as  Bill Bradford 

Dr. Bradford is an Ob/Gyn generalist from Lancaster, PA with practice focus on care of the more senior women and pelvic reconstruction.  
He brings to the lecture experience from the following endeavors:

- ACOOG Vice President of Evaluation
- AOBOG Clinical Exam Chair
- Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Health Care, Past Chair
- Participant in the National Surgical Patient Safety Summit, 2016
- Participant Office Procedures Standards Summit, ACOG 2017
- Program Director for Obstetrics and Gynecology
- Seminars on Ob/Gyn Residency hospital site visits
- Ob/Gyn Residency Hospital inspections (15)

- Another passion within the realm of safety is flying airplanes FAA Certified Flight Instructor (single engine, multi-engine, instrument) with a candidate pass rate of 100% (so far)
Training emphasis “high reliability”
Airline Transport Pilot rating

Greatest passion: My lovely wife Cheryl and partner for the last 35 years.
Six Children, four Grandchildren, One on the way as of this writing. "