State of the Art Care of Fetuses with Lethal/Anomalies and Limit
How Can We Ensure that Patients and Providers are on the Same Page?

Learning Objectives:

  • Broad Global Objectives 

    1. 1. A significant portion of infants each year will die from lethal congenital anomalies
      2. Patients with pregnancies associated with lethal anomalies warrant Perinatal/Neonatal Pallia-tive care
      3. Triggers for Perinatal/Neonatal Palliative Care should be clearly identified, and Referrals im-plemented to provide comprehensive patient care
  • Behavioral Objectives
      1. Identify automatic triggers for Perinatal/Neonatal Palliative Care
    1. 2. Identify common sources of conflict for parents and providers with respect to congenital anomalies
      3. Identify top 5 concerns  for parents with respect to fetuses with lethal congenital anomalies
  • Osteopathic Principles and Practice
      1.  The body is a unit, and the person represents a combination of body, mind, and spirit. Perinatal Palliative Care is comprehensive care that treats the mother and the family through 8 do-mains including mind, body and spirit with structural neurochemical changes in the CNS as well as behavioral health changes.
      2.  Rational treatment of patients with fetuses who have lethal congenital anomalies is based on an understanding of these principles of mind, body and spirit and a referral to appropriate sup-port if possible PRIOR  to delivery.