CME Article:
Cardiovascular Disease And Hormone Therapy: Mutually Exclusive?
        By Renee K. Sundstrom, DO, FACOOG
        Assistant Director, Department of OB/GYN 
        Assistant Professor, CMU College of Medicine

 Guest Articles:

“The Modern Well Woman:
Frequency Of The Well Woman Visit And Necessity Of  Pelvic Examination In The Digital Era” 
        By Takeko Takehsige, DO, FACOOG
        Department Of Clinical Obstetrics And Gynecology, 
        Weill Cornell Medical College, USA

 “How The Word “Burnout” Perpetuates Medicine’s Cycle of Abuse”
      By Pamela Wible, MD

2016 Summer Newsletter

Guest Editor - CME Article

Chronic Pelvic Pain: A Review

by Betsy Greenleaf, DO, FACOOG
Urogynecologist at the New Jersey Urologic Institute

2012 Summer Newsletter

Message from the President
by David Forstein, DO, FACOOG(Dist.)

Message from the Executive Vice President 
by Steve Buchanan, DO, FACOOG(Dist.)

2011 Winter Newsletter

      Message from the President 
      by Teresa A Hubka, DO, FACOOG (Dist.)

     Message from the Executive Vice President 
     by Steve Buchanan, DO, FACOOG (Dist.)


2013 Winter Newsletter

Guest Editor - CME Article

      Update of the Evaluation and Treatment of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss 

by Ellen Wood, DO, FACOOG (Dist.)
Chair Editor