The American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists invites you to participate in its 88th Annual Virtual Conference: Meeting Our Patients’ Diverse Needs.

Recorded Sessions: available April 1-30, 2021.
Livestreamed Q&A Session Panels: April 11-14, 2021.
Up to 48.25 Credits Available


Program Chairs:

Cecilia Banga, DO, FACOOG
Greensboro, NC
     Draion Burch, DO, FACOOG
Atlanta, GA

Online registration for ACOOG’s 88th Annual Conference is open. 

About the Conference
Conference Chairs Cecilia Banga, DO and  Draion Burch, DO have put together an amazing conference with impressive presenters to discuss topics relevant to today’s women’s health physicians. It offers up a total of 48.25 CME credits, if you register for the optional workshops and participate in the live Q&A sessions.

About the Format
Out of an abundance of caution, the 88th Annual Conference is presented as a virtual conference. All presentations will be pre-recorded and available on April 1st for you to watch any time before April 30th. Live panels will be scheduled for April 11-14, 2021 so you can ask presenters questions, and interact with other participants. You can also e-mail questions to presenters at any time.

    Watch the pre-recorded videos anytime between April 1-30, 2021 to earn CME credits when you sign up for the optional pre-courses and the LEGO workshop (attendance limited)
    E-mail questions to the presenter anytime during April 2021

  Join the Live Q&A Panels scheduled between April 11-14, 2021 to ask questions, interact with speakers and participants, and earn additional CME credits AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE
  Complete your evaluations and credit attestation online


Key Activity Schedule:
 Recorded Sessions Available:     April 1-30, 2021
 Live Q&A Session Panels:    April 11-14, 2021 (see schedule)
 Exhibits and Sponsored Sessions:    April 11-14, 2021 (see schedule)
 General Membership Meeting     April 11, 2021 – 10AM-11 AM (via Zoom)
 President's Day Awards Ceremony      April 11, 2021 – 12-1 PM (via Zoom)

Awards Ceremony and Presidential Inauguration
 Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 12pm CT
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Optional Workshops Available April 1-30 (Registration Required)

GynOnc Workshop Recordings, Available April 1-30 (4 CME Credits)
  • Endometrial Cancer, Robin Wilson-Smith, DO
  • Vulvar Cancer, Emma Caroline Rossi, MD
  • Ovarian Cancer, Georges Chamoun, DO
  • Hot Topics, Drs. Wilson-Smith, Rossi and Chamoun

Live Q&A Session: Sunday, April 11, 2021, 1-2 PM Central (2-3 PM Eastern) (1 extra CME credit)

Optional OMM Workshop Available April 1-30, 2021,
Millicent King Channell, DO (2 CME Credits) Optional OMM Workshop Available April 1-30, 2021, Millicent King Channell, DO (2 CME Credits)
Live Q&A Session: Sunday, April 11, 2021, 2:15 – 2:45 PM Central (3:15-3:45 PM Eastern) (1 extra CME credit)

General Session Recorded
Presentations (27.25 CME Credits)

  • Distinguished Fellows Honorary Presentation: Diversity and Equity, Bonnie S. Mason, MD
  • Physician Mental Health: Do as I Say, Not as I Do, Nicole Bernard Washington, DO
  • Covid-19, Influenza and the OBGYN - What We Have Learned?, Torre Leigh Halscott, MD
  • The Effects of Cannabis Use in Pregnancy on Mothers and Children, Julie Kmiec, DO
  • Challenges Facing Global Women's Health, Chi Chiung Grace Chen, MD
  • Gestation Kills: Decreasing the Morbidity and Mortality of Pregnancy in Black and Brown Women – A Closer Look, Anila Ricks-Cord, MD
  • Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality, Terri Major-Kincade, MD Incontinence, Andrew Croak, DO
  • Psych in Pregnancy/Peri/Postpartum Depression, Nicole Bernard Washington, DO
  • Impact of the Thyroid Gland on Reproduction & Pregnancy, Dana Ambler, DO
  • Gestational Hypertension & Pre-Eclampsia, Daniel Berger, DO
  • Obese Gravidas, Macrosomia, Edward Miller, MD
  • Operative Vaginal Birth/External Cephalic Version - Preventing the first Cesarean Section, Daniel Berger, DO
  • Prelabor Rupture of Membranes, Eddie Miller, MD
  • Breastfeeding/Lactation Tips, Carol Penn, DO
  • OB Emergencies/Sepsis, Robert Debbs, DO
  • Anemia in Pregnancy, Eric Carlson, DO
  • MEFACOOG Distinguished Presentation: Substance Use Disorders and Maternal Health during the Pandemic, Elizabeth Krans, MD, Msc
  • Barbara Hawkes Memorial Presentation: Intimate Partner Violence - COVID19's Effects, Judy Chang, MD
  • Telemedicine Redefined, Jaquel Patterson, ND
  • Concierge Medicine, Draion Burch, DO
  • Locums Tenens, Stephanie Freeman, MD
  • Direct Primary Care, Delicia Haynes, MD
  • Preparing your Practice for Your Retirement, Paul Krueger, DO
  • Vulvar Skin Disorders, Cynthia Wesley MD
  • Vasomotor Symptoms, Betsy Greenleaf, DO, MBA, Renee Sundstrom, DO, Rebecca Thurston, PhD
  • STI/Vaginitis in Non-pregnant Patients, Madeline Sutton, MD
  • Updated Guidance on Screening and Management of Hepatitis C in Women, William Short, MD
  • Antiepileptic Drugs in Pregnancy, Sean Hubbard, DO
  • New Medical Devices, Eav Lim, DO
  • Contraceptives Updates, Madeline Sutton MD
  • Updates of Well Women Visit/Pap/Sexual Misconduct, Cecilia Banga DO
  • Confidentiality in Adolescent Gynecology/Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery/HPV Vaccination, Cecilia Banga, DO
  • CAD & HT: What Have We Learned since WHI?, Peter Schnatz, DO
  • Transgender Care, Cynthia Duke, MD, PhD
  • Updates on ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery), Carlos Roberts MD
  • Laborist Model, Hodon Mohamed, DO