Osteopathic Pledge of Commitment

As members of the osteopathic medical profession, in an effort to instill loyalty and to strengthen the profession, we recall the tenets on which this profession is founded: The dynamic interaction of mind, body and spirit; the primary role of the musculoskeletal system; the preventive medicine is the key to maintain health. We recognize the work our predecessors have accomplished in building the profession. We will commit ourselves to continuing that work.

I pledge to: 

 Provide compassionate, quality care to my patients; 
Partner with them to promote health; 
Display integrity and professionalism throughout my career; 
Advance the philosophy, practice and science of osteopathic medicine; 
Continue life-long learning; 
Support the profession with loyalty in action, word and deed; and 
Live each day as an example of what and osteopathic physician should be.