Any member who fails to pay his or her annual dues secondary to personal hardship may apply for a deferment from the Executive Vice President for a time period of not more than three (3) consecutive years, during which time annual dues will accrue interest free, but shall be payable to the College(ACOOG Bylaws, Article 2; Sec. 3C).  Please write to the address below to apply:
Executive Vice President
PO Box 17598
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Any member may apply for a waiver of dues based on a medical disability. Such waiver is subject to proper receipt of required documentation outlined in the Board policy and review and approval of the Membership and Promotion Committee. Continuance of the waiver is subject to annual renewal only if requested by the Membership and Promotion Committee and approved by the Board(ACOOG Bylaws, Article 2; Sec. 3F).  CLICK HERE to apply for a Medical Disability Dues Waiver. 

We support members who are currently serving in the Armed Forces and Public Health sectors.  In doing so, we extend a reduced dues rate of 25% please CLICK HERE to apply.