Regular Membership Application

Regular membership shall be available to Osteopathic physicians who have completed AOA-approved postdoctoral training or ACGME-approved postdoctoral training in obstetrics and  gynecology and who are otherwise qualified for such membership.

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  • Application shall be made on forms provided by ACOOG. 
  • The applicant shall provide two  letters of recommendation from the following references: 1. ACOOG Members, 2. Program Director, 3. Department Chair, 4. Members of the OB/GYN Department where currently practicing who are personally acquainted with the applicant, and who will vouch for his or her training, experience, and personal character. These letters shall be sent directly to the Executive Vice President of ACOOG. They may be sent via fax 817-377-0439 or emailed to 
  • All required data must be received by ACOOG on or before December 31 preceding the Annual Conference or on or before August 1 preceding the Fall Conference. Regular Members are notified of approval after each Board of Trustees meeting.
  • The applicant’s part of this process, which includes the recommendation letters, must be completed within two years following the presentation to the office of the formal application and the required fee.
  • An application rejected for other reasons than those listed in Section 3,  part (d) of ACOOG Bylaws automatically results in the forfeiture of the application fee, re-application and the payment of a new fee.
  • Military/Public Health membership dues reduction of 25% is available to those who qualify. Applicant must be active military duty, employed full-time by the United States Public Health Service, or employed full time by the United States Veterans Administration. Submission of DD214 or letter from department chair is required annually in order to maintain dues reduction.