2020 Summer Newsletter

Message from the Executive Vice President

Dear Colleagues,

Summer is finally here, and our country is in the process of reopening. What an interesting spring.  You are all well aware of what makes this year so unique.  None of us in our medical careers have experienced anything like this in the past. I will, as I always do in these messages, extend many thanks to the program chairs for this year’s annual meeting. Jennifer Nichols, DO, FACOOG (Dist), and Andrew Zink, DO, FACOOG did a wonderful job preparing an outstanding syllabus for this year’s annual conference.  At first, we thought it would be a wash by canceling the meeting in light of the COVID situation. Thankfully we were able to quickly convert an in-person meeting to a virtual meeting. I must extend an extra special thank you to Dr. Catherine Bernardini and her outstanding Continuing Medical Education Committee. In addition to the program chairs and the CME committee, I would like to recognize the outstanding ACOOG staff.  Without our wonderful staff, the virtual meeting could have never happened. They scrambled in a short amount of time and prepared the online program. They were available throughout the event to troubleshoot and answer questions from the membership in real time. While the online program may not have always worked for every member as was intended, our staff rallied and gave 110% during these difficult times.  In short, they saved the day.

Once again, thank you to our incredible staff, Valerie Bakies Lile, CAE, Jimmie Evans, II, Andy Crim, CHCP, Martha Prudhomme, and Nnamdi Ibegbu. Congratulations to our new President, Patrick Woodman, DO, FACOOG(Dist), and our newest member of the Executive Committee, Vice President Catherine Bernardini, DO, FACOOG(Dist).

Welcome new board members, DeEtte Vasques, DO, and Eav Lim, DO. Both have served the college well in the past, and I am sure they will continue to do so in the future.

On a more somber note, our country, as you know, is facing some challenges in addition to the worldwide pandemic. It is important for us as physicians to remember why we became physicians, keep a clear head during these tumultuous times, and respect the rights of others. As stated in our Diversity and Inclusion policy, “The ACOOG promotes an environment of respect, fairness, integrity, and inclusiveness in all of its dealings.” We are Osteopathic physicians. We treat the entire person as a whole. We must keep that mantra in mind and help each other, not only physically but also emotionally. We have all been in situations where the patient just needed someone to hold their hand and listen.


Michael J. Geria, DO, MS, FACOOG(Dist)
Executive Vice President