Use these helpful resources throughout the project to educate yourself, colleagues, staff and patients about vaccines during pregnancy.


Data Submission Timeline

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Project Lead:
Emmie Strassberg, DO

60 Days (NOV 2020 – DEC 2020)

Project Aim:
The aim of this QI project is to increase rates of guideline-recommended prenatal influenza and Tdap immunizations in participating practices to between 10-16% above national benchmarks.

We protect your privacy! The data you share as part of this project is confidential. It will only be provided back to you to compare against national and peer benchmarks. Only de-identified, aggregate data will be analyzed to determine overall effectiveness of the project. Neither your name nor individual data will be provided to the grantor.

This QI Activity is supported by an educational grant from GlaxoSmithKline.

Questions? Contact ACOOG at or call 817-377-0421.