Thank you for your interest in this ACOOG-sponsored quality improvement project. This site provides information about the project, registration, and resources.

This project is open to ACOOG members and non members, DOs, MDs, NPs, CNMs and PAs. It satisfies
AOBOG OCC Component 4 and ABOG MOC Part IV.


Don't provide vaccines?  NO PROBLEM!
You DO NOT have to provide vaccines in your office order to participate.  


Individuals, Group Practices, Residency Programs, and Fellowship Programs can participate in this QI project!


Supports ACGME CLER 2.0
ACGME has emphasized the value and benefit of QI in CLER 2.0. When your residency program participates, we'll provide you with documentation to demonstrate your improvement activity!


Registration for this project ends October 15th.
Please don't wait, Register today.


Participants in QI projects must attest that they meaningfully participated in the project to earn credit. For this project, that includes:

  1. Register as a participant in this activity before October 15, 2020.

  2. Enter baseline data, midpoint data and final data into the online portal (reminders will be sent, and the data can be pulled from your electronic medical record system).

  3. Review your data compared to data from other activity participants, provided by ACOOG.

  4. Participate in ACOOG-sponsored online CME activities associated with the project.

  5. Complete the final QI project reflection survey.



This quality improvement project will use the 2019 HEDIS Prenatal Immunization Measures. Download the measures here.


  • The total number of non-excluded deliveries where the patient received an influenza vaccine during the preceding 9 months; and
  • The total number of non-excluded deliveries where the patient received at least one Tdap vaccine during the pregnancy (including on the delivery date); and
  • The total number of non-excluded deliveries where the patient received both an influenza vaccine  AND at least one Tdap vaccine during the pregnancy (including on the delivery date).

All deliveries in the measurement period for non-excluded patients.


  • Patients with deliveries with a gestational age of less than 37 weeks; or
  • Patients who are in hospice or using hospice services between 1/1/2020 and delivery; or
  • Patients with known medical exclusions to influenza or Tdap vaccine, including known allergy or prior reaction.


There is a large list of NCQA codes used to identify the services included in the measure. Please refer to the NCQA website at www.ncqa.org for a complete list. Below is a list of the most common codes. 

CPT Codes: 90630; 90653; 90654; 90656; 90658; 90661; 90673; 90674; 90882; 90686; 90688; 90689; 90756

CVX Codes: 88; 140; 141; 144; 150; 153; 155; 158; 166; 168; 171; 185; 186

CPT Code: 90715

CVX Code: 115

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Component 4 OCC
This quality improvement project is acceptable for Component 4 of AOBOG OCC requirements in place of O-CAT modules.

Physicians certified by the ABOG can claim credit for this project for Part IV Maintenance of Certification (MOC) through ABOG. Please indicate if you are ABOG-certified on your registration form. Documentation will be provided to claim MOC credit through ABOG.

Fees & Costs
There is no fee for participation.

For this project, participants will enter lump-sum data, which can be pulled from your electronic health record system, at specified times throughout the project.

ACOOG will do magic behind the scenes, crunch the numbers, and send you a personalized progress sheet where you can compare your numbers to the mean number of all other participants and to national benchmarks. You'll be able to track your progress over the project period, making adjustments to your clinical practice along the way where you identify a need.

Your information is secure and no identifiable data will be shared with anyone! At the end of the project, you'll complete a reflection form and we'll send you documentation you need to attest that you've completed the QI activity to the AOBOG or ABOG, satisfying your Component/Part 4 of OCC/MOC (see below).

All the data submitted is based on 2019 HEDIS measures.

To help, ACOOG is providing CME activities where you can earn additional credit. We'll also conduct regular group conference calls where you can learn how your colleagues are working through the project. We'll send you reminders before its time to send data, and this site contains all the codes you'll need to easily collect what you'll submit.

ACOOG believes quality improvement can help physicians and practices deliver safer, more efficient, patient-centered and effective care. And, there are gaps in care regarding immunizations. Despite evidence-based recommendations and ample data on the safety and benefit of these immunizations in pregnancy, as many as 67% of pregnant women, especially those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, do not receive the recommended influenza and Tdap vaccines. This robs the mother and the baby of potentially life-saving protection. Pregnant women are twice as likely to be hospitalized for influenza, and 69% of pertussis deaths happen in babies and infants under two.  ACOOG feels this type of activity can help narrow these gaps.

This QI Activity is supported by an educational grant from GlaxoSmithKline.